UX Design Mastery - 8 Week Part Time Online Academy

UX Design Mastery will make you into a holistic master of UX Design. The course covers all User Centered Design areas in great depth. Through enormous fun, you'll gain practical skills, while designing your own project or portfolio.

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UX Design Mastery - 8 Week Part Time Online Academy

Aspire Higher

UX Design Mastery Course provides a holistic cover of all the most important topics in UX Design.

From the start, down to the final delivery of the design projects.

The course is perfect for those interested in becoming professional UX Designers.

Or for those looking to formalise their UX Design skills further.

At the end of this course you'll have an understanding of UX Design and techniques that make a UX Design Master.

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Dates, times and location

Date: 1st July - 21st August 2017

Time: Every Monday and Wednesday from 7pm - 10pm BST

Location: UX Coach office or via an online channel

Discover the Depth

UX Design Mastery covers holistic spectrum of UX Design realm.

Course Syllabus

The topics we discuss follow the User Centered Design (UCD) framework.

This is the full course breakdown.


  • Week 1: Define users
  • Week 2: Identify needs 


  • Week 3: Define scenarios
  • Week 4: Ideate and sketch 


  • Week 5: Wireframe
  • Week 6: Prototype 


  • Week 7: Test
  • Week 8: Research and Assess 

Each session is 3 hours long, with a mixture of presenting, conversing and practical work.

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True Progress

So why should you choose UX Coach UX Design Mastery course?

Here are some of the benefits and our unique selling points:

  • We used User Centred Design to design this course. It's a self-fulfilling prophecy within a self-fulfilling prophecy
  • You will get coached, rather than taught. Your knowledge retention will thus be much higher compared to other courses

  • The quality of our take-home materials is world class. You can keep those for yourself, forever! 

  • You will get to engage with our professional coaches in one-to-one manner all the time 

  • We will give you a comprehensive post-course support. This further helps to move you into your next UX Design best self as soon as possible 

  • You will become part of a powerful network of UX Designers and Design Thinkers. Who will support your career for long time to come 

  • You will have enormous fun learning with us. Guaranteed 

  • You will have a practical project UX Designed by the end of the course. Whether an app, your portfolio or a client project. You choose.

  • Long term, you will be able to become a UX Design or Design Thinking Coach with UX Coach itself 

  • Your monetary ROI will be amazing with a career progress imminent after the course

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Mastery. Now!

Now is the best time to start UX Design Mastery.


By 1st July 2017 you could be a UX Design Master yourself.

What is stopping you from doing this?

Only you.

Imagine what you will feel like on 1st July 2017?

You will have such a sense of accomplishment.

You will be proud of your past self for making that decision for you.

The fact that you are reading this is great.

The only thing you need to do now is to trust yourself.

And decide to take the most exciting professional adventure you might ever take.

By doing UX Design Mastery course you will have fun, learn and develop concrete skills.

You will grow!

Coach and Instructor

People who deliver UX Coach courses always have both theoretical and practical grounding in the subject matters they coach.

Jason Grant

Jason Grant

Jason has spent over a decade designing world class experiences for corporate clients including Amex, MTV, Nando's, ROLI, Samsung and Mind Candy in amongst others. Jason now coaches Design Thinking and UX Design to help many other people do the same in their lives and careers. Jason is a multi-faceted polymath with hugely entrepreneurial mindset.

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Wise Investment

Tuition price for this course is £3497, which works out only at around £220 per day.

After doing this course, we soon see graduates obtaining jobs that pay £25000 per year more than their previous job.

This means that for £3497 invested, you will soon be getting £25000 per year returns.

This is almost a 7 times ROI per year!

UX Coach is happy to take only 50% up front for you to start the course.

Apply today to get an extra 1:1 personalized coaching session with your course coach

By doing this course you are gaining transferable skills for life.

These skills will be applicable to many areas of your life.

The return on investment you get isn’t only monetary, but practical and emotional too.

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Emotional Experience

At UX Coach, we know that humans are emotional animals.

This is why instead of teaching people, we coach people.

We make sure that your experience of learning with us is unforgettable.


Because we want you to be one of the UX Coaches in future.

We make the courses engaging, interactive, productive, creative and fun.

This is how we learn best.

It will feel more like a trip to a cinema, rather than school or University.

Don’t get us wrong.

You will have to work hard, it’s that you won’t feel like you are working.

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Loyal Learning

Our graduates now work at companies such as: Canonical, Amazon, Google, eBay and AKQA.

Here's what our previous graduates say about UX Coach, team and our coaching styles.

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Shared Mastery

At UX Coach we put extraordinary efforts into our students.

It is our intention to have everyone who got coached by us to become a loyal advocate of our courses.

Please share this course with your friends and colleagues at work who may benefit from it.

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Dates, times and location

Date: 1st July - 21st August 2017

Time: Every Monday and Wednesday from 7pm - 10pm BST

Location: UX Coach office or via an online channel

Published on: 04 Apr 2017

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