Jason Grant - Design Thinking Coach

Jason spent his entire life designing various things. From websites, over native apps, to corporate office interiors to designing designers.


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Jason Grant - Design Thinking Coach


Jason started his first successful business in 2005.

He has consulted professionals and coached designers at companies like Amex, eBay, Bupa, Legal & General, Tesco, HSBC, Lloyds Bank, EON, Samsung, Disney, as well as super successful startups like ROLI and BrightTALK.

His expertise sits across areas of business, design, psychology and technology.

He's a Master Design Thinking Coach a worldwide public speaker on the subject of Design Thinking.

Jason academic background is a Degree in Computer Science and Master’s Degree in Business Management.

Biggest achievements

  • Successfully running a very profitable business for 10+ years
  • Designing some of the world's biggest digital systems with 100s of millions of concurrent users per day
  • Raising two beautiful and very smart children
  • Surviving 3 years of war in Bosnia and running a successful business during the time
  • Performing in Royal Opera House
  • Signing a rapper he produced to a record deal with Bad Boy Records

Public speaking track record

  • 'Design Thinking in the Real World' - Riga, Latvia
  • 'How to Build a Perfect Startup' - London FinTech Meetup
  • 'UX Design for Fun IoT Products' - UX Crunch London
  • 'Mastering Storytelling with Design Thinking' - Mother London UX Coach event
  • User-Centered Web Development Guest Lectures at Bournemouth University
  • Service Design Fringe Festival Panel Discussion
  • Lloyd's Bank Panel Discussion on Ethical Banking

Interests and hobbies

Jason is a person with multiple hobbies.

He plays accordion and piano, as well as composes and produces his own music.

He attends multiple jazz concerts.

He plays multiple sports including table tennis, volleyball, cycles a lot, football, badminton, basketball and loves swimming.

He is a keen fisherman and loves writing articles on various subjects.

Jason is keen on wellness and healthy living and likes to meditate and work out.

Published on: 10 Apr 2017

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