Fresh Mind Language

This is the language which we use for Fresh Mind to describe everything we do.


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Fresh Mind Language

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Accept(ance), Achievement, Awareness, Abundance, Awake, Awakening, Alignment, Achieve, All, Accelerate, Amplify, Answer, Accomplishments

Blissful(ness), Bandwidth, Best self, Boost, Become

Calm, Capacity, Clarity, Clear(ing), Comprehensive, Confidence, Congruent / Congruence, Challenge, Choice, Consciousness, Consistent, Creator, Creativity, Courage, Creator, Complete, Code, Cultivate, Consciously, Connect, Cognitive

Design (Thinking), Discover(y), Dare, Drive, Distilled, Dimension, Deep, Depth, Direct, Dynamic

Extraordinary, Evolution(ary), Effortless, Exact(ly), Evolve, Enjoy, Experience, Exceptional. Essence, Exhilaration, Enhancement, Excite, Expand, Exponential, Elevate, Emancipate

Fast, Fresh, Flow, Fuelled, Future, Feel, Forever, Fluent, Free, Frame, Freedom

Growth, Great(ness), Gift, Groundbreaking, Greatness

Heart, Humanity

Integrity, Integration / Integrated, Integrate, Impact, Incredible, Intelligence, Intelligent, Innerstanding, Insights, Identity, Innovation, Immediate, Imagine, Instal, Increase, Illuminate, Inspire, Impression, Immersive, Instrument


Life, Live, Leadership, Love, Lead(er), Level

Mind, Master(y), Momentum, Magical, Meticulous, Maturity, Meaning(ful)

New (way), Now, Next, Natural

Operating System, Organic

Perfect, Purity / Pure, Psychology, Performance, Purpose, Perspective, Progress, Planet(ary), Protocol, Permanent, Potential, Power(ful), Play, Patron, Possible, Proficient, Programme, Process, Perspective, Peace, Present, Progress, Prosperity,

Reminder, Realise / Realisation, Results, Reality, Resolution, Research, Reveal, Relevant,

Superb, Super, Self, Soul, Superhuman, Systematic, Software, Superabundance, Stage, Soul / Mind / Body, Shadow, System, Strategy, Simple, See, Show, Spectrum, State, Shift, Self-improvement

Thinking, Thrill, Transform, Trust, Total, True, Tools

Vision, Value


Upgrade, Ultimate

Wake up / Clear up / Grow up / Show up, We, Wisdom, Willingness


Published on: 29 Jun 2018

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