Fresh Mind Manifesto

This is the manifesto governing the framework of thinking around Fresh Mind.


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Fresh Mind Manifesto

Fresh Mind Manifesto Google Doc

Fresh Mind Manifesto

Fresh Mind is the mental upgrade for the age of superabundance.

The Fresh Mind state gets created and produced intentionally and deliberately.

Fresh Mind is a state of being free to always focus on what truly matters.

Fresh Mind is a permanent state of bliss, presence, being in the moment and performing in the most skilful way, effortlessly.

Fresh Mind realises a rich inner life, used by great people to make a great impact on humanity.

Fresh Mind is the base state of mind which enables powerful individuals to realised their Massively Transformational Purpose (MTP).

Fresh Mind is a state of constant, everlasting flow.

Fresh Mind redesigns humanity with reverence.

Fresh Mind means the power to embrace perfection of self.

To choose to be all we can be and reflect that into reality at all times.

Published on: 02 Jul 2018

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