Romantic Intelligence

What is romantic intelligence, what people want in this realm and what is perfect romance.


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Romantic Intelligence

What Is Romantic Intelligence?

Romantic intelligence is about how you love.

It is also about how you relate with yourself and your romantic partner.

How you experience your intimate connection.

It’s about your relationships with your romantic partner.

How you meet your needs for love, caring, sex and romance.

What Do We Want In Romantic Realm?

We want to be with a partner who understands our romantic needs and appreciates our romantic gestures.

We want deep love, understanding and intimacy.

All while feeling safe to give ourselves to our partner completely, knowing they will take great care of us romantically.

We want to know that our partner cares about us and loves us back.

We want to love with our whole being and give all to our partner.

What Is Perfect Romantic Intelligence?

Perfect romantic intelligence is about consistent, embodied sense of being loving.

All emanating out of the same perfect frequency.

Experiencing erotic life.

Experiencing sensual, ecstatic, electricity of consciousness all the time.

All resonating from within our being space.

Perfect romantic intelligence is about feeling whole and complete.

Feeling there is always room for more growth and greater expression of wholeness and love.

Every breath or action is an opportunity to express love.

Perfect romantic intelligence is all loving and yet ever evolving.

Perfect romance comes from the soul, the wholeness of being and is perfectly expressed with unconditional love.

Love coming down into solar plexus, which is a deeper, more expansive and a full, connected sense of love.

Perfect romantic intelligence is about rising in love all the time with a perfect romantic partner.

Published on: 12 Aug 2018

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