Linguistic Intelligence

What is Linguistic Intelligence, what do we want from it and what is perfect Linguistic Intelligence like.


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Linguistic Intelligence

What Is Linguistic Intelligence?

Linguistic intelligence is about the way you use language to express your thoughts in all language forms.

Its about speaking, writing, reading comprehension and understanding what others are talking about.

What Do We Want In Linguistic Realm?

We want to be able to read, write, speak and understand at our full potential.

To be creative in our writing and able to produce stories and narratives which influence our surrounding in the way we intend.

We want our words to connect with our intentions in an effortless way.

What Is Perfect Linguistic Intelligence?

Perfect linguistic intelligence is having the mental ability to read, write, speak and comprehend language effortlessly.

At a masterful level as the norm.

It is about speaking in a clear way, comprehendible by all kinds of audiences you speak to.

It is your mental ability to be in the flow all the time and for every word to come from the soul.

To speak from your soul.

In a way that is clear, purposeful and congruent with your being and always truthful to who you are.

Perfect Linguistic Intelligence is about being on point, all the time.

Speaking and writing enough to enable the next step in progress to happen.

It's about your ability to create from words as the starting point for rest of the creations you make.

Its your knowing that words create worlds.

That your choice of words determines practical choices you manifest in your life.

Perfect Linguistic Intelligence is your continuous use of words to program your reality at the holistic level of being.

It is treating every word you speak in any circumstance as a public speech you are delivering to major audience.

Programming your reality into perfection, all the time, in an effortless way.

Published on: 15 Aug 2018

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