Logical Intelligence

What is Logical Intelligence, what do we want from it and what is perfect Logical Intelligence like?


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Logical Intelligence

What Is Logical Intelligence?

Logical Intelligence is about your ability to reason, solve problems and sequence things.

It is about how you organise abstract information.

About awareness and recognition of cause and effect relationships.

Logical Intelligence is your thinking through situations in a structured and systematic way.

What Do We Want In Logical Realm?

We want to think and reason in a way that makes logical sense.

To think systematically and classify things in the right order.

We want to make connections, detect and recognise patterns and make use of those patterns in a wise way.

To be able to get to the root of problems, detect the reason behind why events happen and arrive at most logical solutions.

We want to be able to think through a problem step by step and fast.

To conduct experiments, follow a procedure and record our observations.

To define outcomes and derive meaning from the process we follow and result we get.

Solve quizzes and puzzles, detect and observe what’s working and not working.

To derive the most optimal strategy for every situation and use least effort to achieve greatest impact.

What Is Perfect Logical Intelligence?

Perfect Logical Intelligence is your ability to always think from the first principles.

It is about getting to the root of problems in the optimal way and fast.

Perfect Logical Intelligence is considering possibilities and all options and choosing the optimal outcome.

It is your ability to structure meaning in a way that enhances further development.

Perfect Logical Intelligence enables you to make the most of life in an effortless way.

It works with the laws of the universe and makes the most of energy available to you at all times.

Published on: 15 Aug 2018

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