Academic Intelligence

What is Academic Intelligence, what do we want from it and what is perfect Academic Intelligence like.


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Academic Intelligence

What Is Academic Intelligence?

Academic Intelligence is about formal learning.

Discovering how you learn about the world and what ways of formal learning work best for you.

Academic Intelligence is about how you research, find, analyse and utilise knowledge.

What Do We Want In Academic Realm?

We want to develop theories about subjects we are passionate about and interested in.

To discover new ideas and applications for those ideas which we can test in real life.

We want to strive towards universal wisdom and objective truth.

To have a solid grounding in science and be able to construct arguments that can stand up to examination.

We want to learn and then express knowledge we have in coherent and useful ways.

To be lifelong learners in environments that are enjoyable and fun to be in.

What Is Perfect Academic Intelligence?

Perfect Academic Intelligence is continual learning process which deepens your comprehension and understanding.

It is about being able to structure cogent and coherent arguments, based on facts.

It allows for construction of well reasoned academic theories.

Theories which other academics can approve.

Perfect Academic Intelligence allows for effortless studying of broad disciplines in great depth.

It is about effortless enjoyment of ever expanding knowledge gain.

Realising that knowledge is power and utilising that power for advancement of humanity.

It's about having integrated knowledge and wisdom articulated in perfect way every time.

Perfect Academic Intelligence enables communication of what you know in a way that is right for specific audiences.

It is also about learning about learning and improving ways in which you learn.

Perfect Academic Intelligence enables you to say 'I don't know' with full confidence.

Published on: 15 Aug 2018

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