Musical Intelligence

What is Musical Intelligence, what do we want from it and what is perfect Musical Intelligence like.


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Musical Intelligence

What Is Musical Intelligence?

Musical Intelligence is your musical capacity.

It is is about your mental ability to recognise, appreciate and create music.

It is about your cognitive gift of composing, singing, hearing sounds and playing instruments.

Musical Intelligence is about learning in an auditory driven style.

All through listening and hearing music, audio recordings and in jamming with people.

Musical Intelligence enables you to hear reality and observe it through your ears.

What Do We Want In Musical Realm?

We want to have great sense of rhythm and be able to keep a groove.

To enjoy being able to sign great, as it makes us feel great.

We want to be able to appreciate a wide variety of musical genres.

To be a musician irrespective of our physical ability and skills in performing music.

To be the optiomal musician we can be.

We want to be able to play and make music with other people in effortless way.

To achieve our musical potential.

What Is Perfect Musical Intelligence?

Perfect Musical Intelligence is having your musical genius expressed at its full potential.

Enjoying music through listening, making, playing, arranging and co-creating.

Perfect Musical Intelligence is about continuous improvement in your musical expression.

It's about harmony of life and ability to be in tune with your surroundings.

To appreciate dissonance as perfection, the same way you can appreciate perfect harmony.

Perfect Musical Intelligence is about treating both silence and noise as perfect music.

It is about expressing the symphony of your life that meets your full musical potential in an effortless way.

All the time.

Perfect Musical Intelligence is about you being able to leverage music as a crucial building block of your life wherever possible.

Published on: 15 Aug 2018

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