Spatial Intelligence

What is Spatial Intelligence, what do we want from it and what is perfect Spatial Intelligence like.


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Spatial Intelligence

What is Spatial Intelligence?

Spatial Intelligence is about how you orientate yourself in space.

How you move your body, in relation to objects and other bodies.

Spatial Intelligence is about how you engage with your surroundings and environments.

It is about how you treat and work with space, emptiness and form.

Spatial Intelligence is about how you anticipate movement and situational awareness.

It is also about knowing where you are at any point.

What Do We Want From Spatial Realm?

We want to be in tune with all our environments.

To explore new spaces and find new ways of exploring familiar environments.

To coordinate in space skilfully, pay attention to space in an enjoyable way that enables growth.

We want to work with space and time in a way that works for us.

To sculpt our environments, body, mind, living space, communal, gardens and landscapes.

We want to leverage spatial intelligence to design our optimal body.

To appreciate and understand perspectives well.

To have solid awareness of location within environments and situations.

We want to know how to make the wisest moves forward.

We want to be able to create engaging spaces.

What Is Perfect Spatial Intelligence?

Perfect Spatial Intelligence allows you to architecting spaces in a way that benefits your life experience.

It enables you to move through environments with the most skilful movements and actions within the context and space.

It enables an integrated and harmonious relating between your inner and outer environment.

Perfect Spatial Intelligence enables you to orient yourself perfectly in physical and mental spaces.

To estimate distances to great level of accuracy.

It allows you to be in harmony with any environment, natural or artifical and get the best of it.

Perfect Spatial Intelligence allows your mind the ful realisation of your mental state determining circumstances.

It accepts all environments as perfect and enables you to work with the in the most effective way.

Published on: 17 Aug 2018

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