Social Intelligence

What is Social Intelligence, what do we want from it and what is perfect Social Intelligence like.


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Social Intelligence

What Is Social Intelligence?

Social Intelligence is about your interactions with other people.

It is about how you understand, approach and integrate with them.

Social Intelligence is about how you make deep human connections and build rapport.

It about a social relationship with yourself, your partner, family, community and humanity.

What Do We Want From Social Realm?

We want to create social relationships through enabling genuine rapport with other people.

To connect, build, develop and maintain relationships based on mutual respect and sustainable growth.

We want to be confident in releasing relationships that have served their purpose.

To integrate the need for solitude and the need for strong bonds of community and friendship.

We want to develop a deep sense of belonging to humanity in a congruent way.

To have superb social skills, combined with capacity to effortlessly move into deeper, life-enhancing conversations and mutually empowering interactions.

We want to have positive distinctions between friendships, romance, family, community and humanity.

To have a supportive network and experience as deep levels of social intimacy with different people as possible.

To grow and expand our network in meaningful ways.

We want to be able to meet family members and people in community where they are at, speaking to them with what unifies us together.

What Is Perfect Social Intelligence?

Perfect Social Intelligence is about being true to your authentic self in all social situations.

It's about creating a vibe where people feel able to express more of their authentic selves.

Perfect Social Intelligence respects and acknowledges all cultures.

It also maintains total coherence with one’s authentic self.

Perfect Social Intelligence is about total awareness of social situations and showing absolute respect to other people.

It's being able to listen as well as speak when appropriate.

It's about making a positive impact on people in all situations, small or large.

Whatever the situation allows for, all in an effortless and non intrusive way.

Perfect Social Intelligence takes into account the complex nature of human interactions and makes it feel simple and easy.

Published on: 19 Aug 2018

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