Introspective Intelligence

What is Introspective Intelligence, what do we want from it and what is perfect Introspective Intelligence like.


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Introspective Intelligence

What Is Introspective Intelligence?

Introspective Intelligence is about being able to look inside yourself and connect with your authenticity.

It is about your level of self-awareness and ability to observe your needs, wants and desires.

Introspective Intelligence is about how well you know yourself.

It allows you to develop complete understanding for and mastering your own being.

What Do We Want From Introspective Realm?

We want to become cognisant who we are in the wholistic sense.

To be able to connect with ourselves and to take wise actions towards creating our future.

We want to be able to understand our complete potential.

Then deploy all our mental faculties towards realising that potential.

We want to be the masters of ourselves and have total understanding of our true identity.

We then want to leverage our identity at all times to impact humanity in the most positive ways.

We want to discover our own personal purpose and work with it mentally at all times.

To reflect our inner wholeness towards the outward facing aspects of the world in the best way possible.

To be able to refer to our authentic self in challenging times and take appropriate decisions to progress forward.

We want to have total clarity about who we are and absolute confidence in expressing this to the rest of the world.

What Is Perfect Introspective Intelligence?

Perfect Introspective Intelligence is being aware of yourself wholly.

At all times and in all circumstances.

It is about you having a trusted inner compass that always points towards perfection.

Perfect Introspective Intelligence allows you to operate from first principles of your perfect self.

It allows you to express yourself in effortless way.

To grow and develop in well structured and reliable way that is easy to navigate.

To resolve any challenges you might face and self-enlighten further throughout your life.

Perfect Introspective Intelligence allows you to be your own guru.

It reminds you that you know yourself the best and are the only person who defines you.

Perfect Introspective Intelligence allows you to connect yourself to the rest of the world in an effortless way at all times.

It allows you to ensure that everything you do is coming from an authentic place.

This leads to a life of no regrets and total blisfulness with absolute purposeful impact.

Published on: 19 Aug 2018

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