Engagement Model

This is Fresh Mind engagement model which describes how we involve various people into the Fresh Mind team and growth network.


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Engagement Model

1. Supporter

Share Fresh Mind on social media. Exchange positive sentiment about Fresh Mind through your network. Help advance the programme through any free means available to you.

2. Promoter

Be an active promoter of Fresh Mind in practical ways. Have a significant, measurable impact on growth of Fresh Mind. Generate active and high quality traffic to Fresh Mind website.

3. Advocate

Be an active affiliate member of Fresh Mind and earn real money for generating more Fresh Mind paying customers.

4. Coach

Train to become a Fresh Mind coach and deliver Fresh Mind programme to more customers through structure which Integral provide you with. Earn money for your Fresh Mind coaching.

5. Teacher

Be a teacher of mental structures of human beings and Integral Metatheory. Be equipped with all the necessary Fresh Mind knowledge to explain the programme to potential clients and existing clients.

6. Expert

Be a master of all concepts that make Fresh Mind architecture. Be a teacher and a coach too. Contribute to further development of Fresh Mind.

7. Designer

Be an active contributor to further evolution of Fresh Mind as a cutting edge product and service which plays an active role in Redesigning Humanity purpose.

8. Investor

Invest into Fresh Mind by buying into the programme, sponsoring its further design and enable it to grow in a monetary capacity.

9. Patron

Be a person that embodies Fresh Mind in a complete way and who has the stature to make Fresh Mind a worldwide hit and brand.


Fresh Mind Engagement Model

Published on: 27 Aug 2018

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