Design Principles

These are the principles which we use to develop Fresh Mind in an ever-evolving manner.


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Design Principles

These 12 simple principles are the ethos of Fresh Mind design approach. They are also guidance for coaching behaviour for everyone involved in Fresh Mind.


We bring all humans with us. Fresh Mind is about transcending and including everything. It is our aspiration to integrate everyone in the Fresh Mind Process. We will achieve this sooner than we imagine.


Fresh Mind considers everything that matters to humans. It starts with self and ends with Self. From instinctive human to unified consciousness. We take it all into account with every level respected.


Fresh Mind integrates all individual’s considerations into a sense making holisitc picture. This is the vision for their perfect life on Earth. All Fresh Mind insights are useful for putting into practice straight away.


We talk our own walk. Everything we teach and coach and capabilities which we have active within us. Fresh Mind is about practical, real time self-improvement. Acting on the highest truth as soon as it is realised.


Fresh Mind is always as good as can be. When we find ways to improve it, we act on that as soon as possible. Fresh Mind will always be improving.


We show constant respect to everyone’s situation, circumstances and state of mind. We respect people’s level of development and the pace of their development. We ensure our clients freedom of choice at all times and respect their choices in their lives.


Fresh Mind builds on eternal foundations. It is a new, synthesised foundation for excellence and a life of fulfilment. Blissfulness is the state from which all humans can operate from. Fresh Mind makes that a practical norm.

Published on: 08 Sep 2018

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