Complex solutions to simple 'problems'

Complex solutions to simple 'problems'

There seems to exist a trend of creating complex tech solutions to simple tasks.

Either that or we are missing a point in this particular ad.

This one is for Amazon Echo, telling a story of setting a 3 minute reminder.

Is this helping with solving a real world problem?

Or could it be a high tech solution to a 'need' that isn't there?

It seems not to work that well as an advertisement.

What are the potential intentions in this ad?

It seems to want to imply that Alexa is for smart people.


Because smart people solve Rubic's cubes.


Either way, it seems as though this isn't the best way to advertise a piece of tech.

It's far too removed from real world's needs and aspirations of people.

Clever piece of tech.

Not so clever storytelling wrapped around it.