Corporate cultural circus

Corporate cultural circus

We still live in a world where people at work get treated as a 'resource'.

This approach to humans creates a culture of limited mindsets.

People go to work as a chore.

People think of workplaces as 'sources of money' to pay for their bills.

People work in places where they have little to no idea what their purpose is.

Purposeless workers create meaningless output.

The quality standards drop by default over time.

The entire organisation drives towards the ground zero.

This can happen at any company.

Startups can create this sort of a culture as soon as they have as few as 10 staff.

It's about the approach to design of company's culture.

Culture is of huge importance to company's success.

As such it needs nurturing, opening, mixing up and cherishing.

Penning people into silos has never worked.

Today it not only fails, but it is one of the top reasons why entire companies fail.