Sketching as a lifestyle

Sketching as a lifestyle

Some people are natural visual thinkers.

Over the years of doodling, they have developed great sketching skills.

Here's an example of a doodle our friend Raki did in his notebook.

He enjoys comics, both reading them and sketching them.

Comic-like drawings can be the most effective way to narrate the way a product should work.

It's a very powerful skill and approach to use in Design Thinking to communicate stories.

At the end of the day, people like what people like.

Many people grew up reading comics.

Designers leverage comics as a technique to get stakeholders engaged in design process.

Because those stakeholders get entertained by comics.

More fun we inject into the process of design, the more able we are to engage people in design.

Since the fun activities are visual in nature, sketching is a core skill for designers to develop.

More often you sketch, better you will be as a designer when communicating your ideas.

Start sketching now to develop this important Design Thinking skill.