Visual neuromarketing

Visual neuromarketing

Here's an example of a blatant form of neuromarketing in action.

This is a photo of a box cover for @babylissuk hair dryer product.

It is obligatory in the beauty industry to have a beautiful woman on the box.

She is, of course, made up to perfection.

Nothing unusual about that.

It is something else that caught our attention.

Can you see what it is?

It is the positioning of the hair dryer right across the chest of the lady in the picture.

The thinking here is that the eye gets drawn to the area which primordial humans find most relevant.

And what are those areas?

The face first and then sexual organs second.

So the hair drier is 'sitting' right on top of the second most important aspect of the picture.

These kinds of neuro techniques get used wide across all industries.

This one is particularly 'in your face' in its nature.

Most of the time the techniques used by visual designers are more subtle.

We thought it was important to share this observation and see what you think about it.

What do you think?