Tesla Europe presentation at University College London

Tesla Europe presentation at University College London

We love to keep in touch with industries as first hand as possible.

This is why our team is always at events of all sorts.

This is a look back to a very significant presentation from Georg Ell, Head of Tesla Motors Europe.

He spoke about the ways in which Tesla as a company operates.

We asked a question about the importance of Design Thinking at Tesla.

He explained that Elon Musk uses Design Thinking to such an extent that he's only focused on product.

He wants only to talk about three things to anybody else.

They are all related to products Tesla are working on.

In other words, Design Thinking is the core enabler of success at the executive level of Tesla as a company.

It was also pretty clear that Tesla's other employees are heavily equipped with Design Thinking mindsets.

Georg himself was completely clued up on the concept.

He acknowledge it was the way to move forward for more and more success.