Code is UX

Code is UX

Here is a truth many don't like to hear about digital products.

In the end, code is the ultimate User Experience.

Why is this so?

Because the end users interact with a coded product, not a prototype.

Within digital companies, User Experience plays a critical role in success.

In fact, if anything, UX is the Product (notice capital P) within those companies.

If a digital company has a UX Designer within it, that's not enough anymore.

All their employees must be familiar with Design Thinking.


Because they all play a part in delivering the experience.

So developers, who code the experience, are designers of the experience too.

In fact, developers have the power to ruin the experience the most.

They also have the power to further enhance it by proposing neater implementations.

A great developer has an appreciation for UX and design.

Great developer designs their code for other developers to use with ease.

Code can be a pleasure to use too.

Developer Experience is a crucial for companies with APIs.

It enables other developers to work with code in faster, more accurate and creative ways.

So code is both the end out of Experience Design as well as material for future creations.