Designed coffee

Designed coffee

Coffee industry is massive and growing.

There are so many different variants of coffee.

We can make it in so many different ways too.

Great baristas know this and work hard on turning coffee into an experience.

A difference in price between a 'regular' coffee and a artisanal coffee can be as much as 30%.

So what are customers paying for in artisanal shops?

The answer is simple.

The Design Thinking injected into the experience.

Professional baristas choose the beans with great care.

They pay attention to every aspect of the product.

They also serve it with great care.

While they make coffee they have a meaningful conversations with customers.

Over time these conversations build into true loyalty.

That loyalty leads to higher customer LTV (Life Time Value).

The company selling artisanal coffee thrives in turn and result is one of great success.

These artisanal shops are the biggest thread to coffee chains.

In other words, competition within coffee industry is all in .