Refugee Design Thinking challenge

Refugee Design Thinking challenge

Recently, UX Coach participated in a Design Thinking challenge for refugees.

One of the tasks was to design a solution for helping refugees get language education.

This is all with an aim of helping refugee migrants integrate into UK.

We came up with an idea which was about pairing refugees up with care homes.


It was about utilising people's times as much as possible.

Doing things for free.

Refugees are looking for social connections in UK.

Care home people (OAPs) are looking for friends and company to speak to.

Refugees want to learn language.

OAPs know the language, country and the culture of UK well.

This is about blending helpful and charitable with useful and social.

Synergising people's interests for betterment of everyone in the society.

OAPs could become de-facto language teachers for refugees.

The idea picked up lots of interest and was very much liked by everyone.

Making something out of nothing is one of the biggest thinking skills.