Designing doughnuts

Designing doughnuts

Design is the blueprint, a process and an output of Design Thinking approach to creation.

Today we were at a doughnut making factory at Krispy Kreme where we took quite a heavy insight into how doughnuts are made.

There is so much to observe here.

At one point the machine was making just over 50% of it capacity.

Many doughnuts are a throwaway because they get misformed in the cooking process.

Not optimal.

The process of glazing and decoration is a human one.

Much of the tasks are a symbiosis between human and machine.

Humans serving machines and machines servinf humans.

We thought a lot about how the human process could be automated.

We thought a lot about how Krispy Kreme as a product could be taken into the future to serve people better and produce better experiences.

One thing that was nice to spot here was that Krispy Kreme owners have opted to share the doughnut making process with the public.

This approach has the effect of making people appreciate the final product more.

Customisation is a big part of Krispy Kreme and visual design too.

These doughnuts are effectively all about design and Krispy Kreme success could be totally given to the fact that owners have taken a Design Thinking approach to building this company.