The role of startup hubs

The role of startup hubs

We work with a range of startup hubs around London and New York.

This is important because we want to help create as many successful companies as possible.

We help them bring in Design Thinking into the way they do business.

It's good for them, good for us and good for the world at large.

A win, win, win situation as we like to think of it.

Startup hubs and accelerators play increasingly important roles in setting up successful companies.

Today's world of business is complex and it takes a lot to start.

Having help from those people that have been through the pain and know is of huge advantage.

This is a picture from the elevator of a building where TechStars London resides.

That building is the building in which Microsoft's offices are.

We mentor at Microsoft.

We also helped out at TechStars.

We helped out at Mass Challenge.

We will help out for the rest of our time everywhere we can.