Office interior design enables creativity

Office interior design enables creativity

An experience of a modern day office has a huge impact on organisation's creativity.

This is an example of an office interior from Microsoft UK's office.

It has a very homely feel to it.

Separate spaces, designed in different 'flavours' create an atmosphere of inspiration and warmth.

The office 'invites' innovative and social thinking.

It is a pleasure to be in, as well as work inside of.

This interior design plays a huge role in the work that happens inside the office.

Importantly, office has a blend of open spaces along with smaller, quiet rooms.

Both are important.

Open spaces for social collaboration.

Smaller rooms for deep, focused work that has long term value.

Microsoft have done very well in leveraging Design Thinking here.

They understood that human mindset drives creativity, which in turns drives success.

None of this happens by chance.

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