Blending old and new

Blending old and new

In architecture, as one of the big forms of design, old and new are both good.

They are integral to experience design of big cities.

Here's an example of a new building built right next to a traditional structure.

They work together well.

They both have their own purpose.

One is telling the story of the past times.

Another one is leading the present and future evolution of humanity.

They have different purposes, but together they make complete sense.

Respect for our past gives us ability to appreciate the creations of today and future.

It's easy to destroy.

It's more meaningful to build on top of the past successes.

They are part of one, same narrative.

Old isn't old.

The the new of the times past.

It is also the stepping stone to our consciousness of today.

Don't knock down old designs.

Respect them and integrate them in today's and future creations where appropriate.