Old becomes new again

Old becomes new again

This is a trend we observe all the time in different industries.

Old trends become new trends.

Old products become useful again after they first become completely useless.

Here is a shelf with lots and lots of old photo cameras.

They are no longer useful for their original purpose.

Now, some clever Design Thinkers have gathered them and repurposed them.

Those cameras are now acting as decoration and interior design props.

They are creating a new type of a retro feel within this room.

They are no longer serving the purpose of taking photos.

They now serve the purpose of being a backdrop for new photos, like this one.

They are now furniture.

They are now beautiful furniture.

They are a thought-provoking storytelling devices in a completely different way.

The change of perspective has led to a change of meaning.

Design Thinking, through reframing, gives us ability to do this with our products.

Everything is material.

Each material can serve various purposes.

It's up to us as designers to decide what those purposes are.