Unintended success

Unintended success

One of the world's largest and most successful tourist attractions is London Eye.

Initial intention behind it was to erect it for a temporary period.

To start off, it was loosing money and called a total failure and waste of money.

After management restructure, it started making money and as it was attracting huge crowds.

It still does today.

It's a money making machine.

People thought it's original design was far too experimental and futuristic.

It might have been.

But it came into its regular being after a couple of years.

It's a focus point every New Years Eve around the world and everyone knows of it.

In fact, it is so popular that towns and cities around the world have a replica London Eye now.

And they also make money.

So the power of this design is one of enormous unintended success.

We can find these unintended successes all the time in our Design Thinking activities.

Let's not turn a blind eye to them and let's always keep an open mind to what is of real value.