Kettling customers to force offers on them

Kettling customers to force offers on them

Have you ever noticed how in supermarkets they often have these zig-zag waiting lines?

Ever wondered why they are there and how design is being used there?

Here's a bit of an explanation.

It's about getting the customers to buy extra goods they never planned to buy.

This an exploit of human psychology during the waiting period.

The lines might be long, during which time people will be looking at all sorts of sweets.

Most of the time one doesn't plan to buy them.

But when a person is standing in the line staring at them, they want to buy them.

Zig-zag lines also slow down customers even when there are no other people.

So the effect is similar.

Every person is forced to look at offers they never planned to buy.

Many buy extra stuff as they 'go along'.

So, this is a great example of a design trick focused on selling more stuff to people.

It is borderline unethical, but it certainly seems to be an effective way to sell more.