Sound design

Sound design

Here are a few words on sound design.

Sound plays a crucial role in experiences.

It brings a sense of presence to humans.

Whether we are talking about effects which illustrate something on a video or the actual sound within a conference.

Sound design isn't something that happens naturally.

It takes a lot of Design Thinking to get right.

This is an impression from a recent conference in Poland we were at.

There was a whole team of people who ensured that the sound there was perfect.

Masses of equipment also enable this process to happen.

It takes much knowledge and insight to design the right sound.

Also, there is a broader notion of 'sound design' which we ought to think about.

All our designs need to be sound.

They need to cater to humans and future of our planet in the most integral way possible.

Sound can also play a crucial role in helping raise human consciousness through omharmonics.

So think about sound.

It might be more important than you might give it credit for.