Harmony In Design

Harmony In Design

If you ask a musician what our universe is, a good musician will tell you that it is a 'musical organism'.

In music, there is the notion of 'harmony' which is about consonant sounding notes.

The notion of harmony we can transpose to design.

Harmony in design is present in the consonance of shape, look and proportions of things.

Materials also play a big role in harmony.

Colour too.

Think about harmony in consonance in the next project you are doing.

How are different channels of engagement harmonious with each other?

How is the user flow harmonious from step to step?

Where does even the idea of dissonance need to come in?

Design Thinking incorporates all these notions into it.

In Design Thinking we use all these notions to create new things with the aim of serving people.

Beg, borrow and steal your ideas from anywhere.

You are an omnipotent being and can transmute anything into anything else.

At least it is possible in your mind, if nowhere else.

We call this the 'Be' realm.

You can be anything you want to be and harmonise anything into, at least, conceptual existence.