Humans design animals

Humans design animals

We live in times of radical change.

For centuries humans have been designing animals.

Here's an example of one.

This cute little puppy was in a handbag of a young person on the train.

She is so small she fits perfectly into a regular handbag.

The dog is small for a purpose.

This purpose.

So that people can carry it around easily.

It also eats less than bigger dogs, so economically speaking it is easier to own.

As humanity continues it existence, we are working on designing humans too.

There are many concepts that describe this idea of 'next generation of human beings'.

One of them is 'Homo Evolutis'.

Singularity talks about the merging of humans with machines and those becoming indistinguishable.

Either way, humans design other living creatures all the time.

Design Thinking is relevant in the real world as much as in technology.

If you don't realise that, start realising it.