Lego Building Game

Lego Building Game

In Design Thinking we play games all the time.

They are a great way to exercise our minds.

They are fun and they keep us interested in the task at hand.

Things don't feel like work when you are playing a game.

Because you are playing.

It's simply fun.

That's all.

So the notion of 'work' is an unnecessary one if we play the game.

Here's a game we can play with four Lego pieces.

The idea is to build the tallest possible tower out of these blocks.

Bonus points for also building all the combinations of tall towers with these pieces.

It is a nice exercise for your mind.

The faster you can do this the better.

Try it also with another set of four lego blocks.

Make sure it balances our in the end as a constructed model.

This exercise will train your brain to work with components and stretch your thinking.

Enjoy it.