Conscious Capture

Conscious Capture

Humans are very smart animals.

Animals at their core, equipped with powerful minds.

Minds which they use for all kinds of purposes.

Purposes of either building or destroying their reality.

Over the years, humans designed many different types of tools.

Tools that enable them to control and shape the environment around them.

Here's an example of what humans are able to do.

Using a simple line and hook, a primitive tool, we are able to catch fish.

We can delve into our prehistoric realm of water and outwit the animals there.

In their own world.

In their own reality.

This ability of humans to reach into many realities of existence is super powerful.

It's super dangerous too if not controlled well.

Power without control, after all, is a dangerous thing.

The control needs to be over our own psyche.

Our own demons and ghosts that haunt us.

Without us being aware of them.

Design Thinking is a powerful framework of thinking.

It needs control too, to avoid enabling the ego to multiply itself.

Designers must dissolve their egos to design things which have greater impact.

We can capture reality.

Let's capture it consciously.