New British £1 coin

New British £1 coin

Recently a new version of a £1 coin reached the market.

The Mint says this one is harder to fake and better for security.

It has a different shape, look, thickness and width to it.

It is shiny, as it is new, so many people like that.

We were thinking about the impact this has on the rest of the economy.

Think about all the coin-operated machines which use the regular £1 coin.

They will soon stop working, as old coins come out of circulation.

What are the manufacturers of those machines to do now to make them work again?

What is the scope of changing those machines to accept the new £1 coin?

What commercial impact will this have on coin operated vendors?

What is the work overhead required to upgrade all the hardware?

What about the payment machines in supermarkets?

How can engineers of coin operated machines cater to these kinds of changes?

What is the customer experience impact on businesses using machines that accept cash?

This change raises so many knock on questions and impacts many other systems.

This is one of the natures of big systems.

With Design Thinking we can better handle these kinds of changes in all realms.

What do you think?