Designed garden

Designed garden

In United Kingdom one of the big 'targets' for design are gardens.

People spend copious amounts of time neatening up their lawns.

British take such pride in their grass that the 'English grass' has some 1000 different strains of grass in it.

Hay fever sufferers aside, garden design is a huge business.

Award shows exist for it and big, beautiful gardens are tourist attractions around the world.

This is one from a place called 'Nonsuch Park'.

A simple, not the most extravagant of examples, but important reminder that humans design everything.

Including gardens.

The experience of walking through a space which has had Design Thinking applied to it is much nicer.

Think about the next garden you go to of how you would design it.

Think about the amount of design that has gone into it already.

Do you like it?

Why do you like it?

What emotions is it invoking?

How does it affect your creativity?