Integrating your shadow self

Integrating your shadow self

Here's a topic rarely discussed in any circles.

Especially within the Design Thinking circles.

Humans have a 'shadow side' to themselves.

This is what majority of top quality psychology literature and research points to.

In Spiral Dynamics model, one of the top levels of human consciousness is the Integral self.

Integral self is a person who thinks on a systemic level and has integrated many aspects of the world into their thinking.

Best Design Thinkers are Integral level humans.

They have a planetary and even Cosmo centric view of the world and the future.

They have realised their shadow selves and integrated it into their existence.

This process is hard, painstaking and requires abolishment of ego as much as possible.

Or at least realising that ego has a great role in creation of the world which is not sustainable.

Have you ever thought about integrating your own shadow?

Have you thought about how it correlates to your Design Thinking abilities?