Crushing old designs

Crushing old designs

Here's an aspect of our existence which is worth noting down.

Many designs humans created in the past end up becoming aged and old.

They become unwanted over time.

Things we created, that people bought, people end up wanting to get rid of.

So how does this work?

Even for that, humans designed machines which can gobble up old designs.

Here's a rubbish truck which has a crusher on the back of it.

That crusher can turn to smithereens anything that gets put inside it.

The old designed products now become potential building blocks for future creation.

Going forward, humanity is creating more and more of a circular designed economy.

We know that after some time products will reach the end of their life.

At that point, they ought to become part of a self-fulfilling cycle of feeding the next product design process.

Many designers are already embracing this approach.

It has the potential to save our planet from certain destruction by humans.