Addictive Design

Addictive Design

For many years now, designers worked on addicting people to products.

Addiction, like anything else, can be the output of a design process.

Here's a photo of a lady playing a casual game on the train.

She is hooked.

Addicted by design.

The process of hooking people onto a product is predictable.

It's also a low level of consciousness approach to design and creation.

This person is not getting any tangible value from this product.

Instead she's wasting her time on a pointless, repetitive activity.

That activity gives her extreme short term dopamine hits.

It also gives her designed moments of anxiety, causing her to want to use the product again.

This 'rowing of human emotions' is one of the most evil techniques in design.

The future is one in which people get real value out of products.

Value like learning, self development or ability to develop new, useful skills.

This egotistical design practice must and will stop soon.