Maintaining automation

Maintaining automation

There are many cool products out there.

Many of them automate otherwise tedious processes like hoovering.

They free up our time to do other things in life which we enjoy.

A design point we want to make is around maintenance of these products.

They are require (quite a bit) of maintaining to keep in good working order.

Here's an example of iRobot Roomba going through its regular cleaning process.

@irobot have done a very nice job of making Roomba and automating our cleaning work.

But it does need maintenance every few days.

Cat hairs and carpet threads get tangled up in the bristle rollers on the sides.

It's quite a therapeutic job to clean it, but it is also a bit of a meta action to be 'cleaning the cleaner'.

We dream of a designed world in which automation doesn't require maintenance, or requires it once a year, instead of once every few days.