Designing from first principles

Designing from first principles

We always work on improving the approach to design and the process for creating it.

We love the idea of working from first principles on everything we can.

Take it from the simplest starting point and work your way up from there.

So we think about universal human needs all the time.

We work from those upwards.

In any particular design project, the universal human needs underpin any persona.


Humans, after all, are the same humans from project to project.

This is a powerful point of leverage to start from.

This is why Design Thinking always starts with empathy.

Without it, we cannot truly create anything of value for humans and people at large.

The observations we have made in the past may well be valid for longer term.

As we observe and learn about people, we create a bigger picture of whom we are serving.

The bigger and richer our picture about the people, the better designers we can become.