Food design and holistic experiences

Food design and holistic experiences

Chefs make the most intricate experience designers.

They have to design for all human senses.

Smell, touch, vision, taste and hearing.

Food needs to smell good, as we 'taste with our noses'.

It needs to look good, as we eat with our eyes.

In needs to have nice texture, as that intrigues our minds.

It needs to taste good as the proof is in the taste.

And it needs to sound good, as that brings the sense of presence.

The food can sound before and during consumption.

If someone presents us with a sizzling dish, our senses will arouse.

If the food crunches while eating, it will be more interesting to eat.

So, next time you eat, think about the amount of Design Thinking chefs leverage in their creations.

Every food is subject to designing.

How it gets packaged, prepared, consumed, disposed of, presented.

All these aspects are important part of Design Thinking.