Disk breaks and Design Thinking

Disk breaks and Design Thinking

Here's a perhaps unusual example of a story about Design Thinking.

Car breaks are a huge aspect of a car.

Without them, cars would be useless.

Break mechanisms used to be very big in the past.

They were big drums which took up a huge volume inside the car.

They used to get very hot and took up a lot of energy to manage.

A small team of British engineers deployed Design Thinking to reframe the problem of a car break.

A team of around 6 people rethought the entire concept.

Up until then, Germans were the leaders in car break manufacturing.

The British came up with .



disk brakes.

A completely different approach to this problem.

Much smaller, less heat generated, better usage of space, lighter car.

Disk breaks are now everywhere in cars.

A standard.

How big an impact has this invention had on the nature of automotive industry?

A simple Design Thinking reframe led to major changes in an industry.