Supreme word significance

Supreme word significance

This is the central library of The Supreme Court in London.

We had an exclusive access to it along with a guided explanation about it.

Supreme Court was recently renovated building.

This library has stayed the central part of it.

It is not possible for general public to access it, so we are happy to share this story with you.

This is the reference library for the supreme judges in London to use.

Here, the words in these books have the supreme power to them.

Once a judge delivers a judgement in The Supreme Court, it is final.

There is no word that has higher significance than this word.

So this library made us think about the ultimate power of words.

Design starts with words.

With descriptions of what is it that we want to design.

What we want to embark on.

Words can have such a supreme power that ultimate they define our destiny.

These words, in this library, govern the way of life in one entire county.

Designs, indeed, can have a very wide reaching impact and effect.

This is a great example of one of those designs.