Food Design

Food Design

Chefs are the ultimate experience designers.

They have to cater to all five human senses.

Sense of vision, for us to see the food.

We eat with our eyes.

Nurses know this very well when helping patients eat better.

They know that the food must look good for them to develop a healthy appetite.

There is the sense of smell, for us to smell the food.

We taste with our noses.

Close your nose when eating and you cannot tell what you are eating.

Touch helps us determine the texture of food.

Different textures make food more fun to chew and eat.

Sound of the food is important.

As it gets brought to us, it might be sizzling.

When we eat it, it crunches or makes sounds.

It's a big part of experience.

Taste is the proof of the goodness of food.

It's what people judge food on most of the time.

Chefs have to design for all these senses all the time.

They are amazing Design Thinkers.

Think about this next time you eat something.