Dealing with complex legacy systems

Dealing with complex legacy systems

Talking to many big corporate clients the subject of legacy systems often comes up.

Many corporate organisations are in a state like this forest photo.

A total, convoluted mess.

One of the big design challenges often is to clean up the mess.

Redesign the systems to work in a streamlined way.

Corporates ask designers to analyse and redesign the processes and structures.

It is often impossible to work out what is relevant and what not anymore.

To redesign legacy systems we often have to design something in parallel.

Then the task is to migrate the old into new.

It's a skill like no other.

Lots of thinking and lots of work.

The way to achieve this is by applying copious amounts of Design Thinking.

Bit by bit, designers can turn any mess into a sense making systems.

Give it enough time and it will be there.