Diversity is important to us

Diversity is important to us

At UX Coach we have strong beliefs around leveraging diversity.

Our team members are from all over the world.

This is of huge importance to developing a company wide cosmocentric view.

It enables us to think big, think in inclusive manner and think ahead.

The world is a big, big place.

People of all sorts inhabit it.

This is the reality of our existence.

This is why we attend varied meet ups and are a part of various networks.

This is an impression from Islamic meet up we recently attended.

It was about Islamic businesses, which are a growing part of the economy.

A bunch of startups presented themselves.

Our favourite one is @halaleat who provided the food for the night also.

What struck us about Islamic business owners is that they are willing to work hard without money.

They are not about raising money, then building the company.

They are about building the company, then raising the money.

Powerful stuff.

We are happy and proud to attend these kinds of meet ups in London.