Speaking to international speakers

Speaking to international speakers

Here at UX Coach we are on a constant journey of self re-discovery.

We strive to speak at great conferences all the time.

And we do.

This is an impression from Riga, Latvia.

The night before a major conference on Strategic Thinking.

@jasongrantdesign delivered a major keynote there on 'Design Thinking in the Real World'.

The night before the event, all the speakers has a dinner together.

These are some of the brightest people on the planet.

And people with great life stories to tell.

From opening their own museums to conquering Mount Everest.

Some of them led major gangs in USA and turned them into the forces of good.

So much insight.

So much to learn and discover.

So many social perspectives.

So much networking and gaining new friends and our augmented family.

It's very important for us to extend our horizons of understanding all the time.

We are all living our own story on this planet of ours.

Developing a cosmo centric mindset is one of the keys for us.

Enlightenment through any means available.

Often a time that comes in the form of a deep, intellectual conversation.

Oh, and designed dinner helps a lot too.

Design Thinking this evening was certainly one of the winning topics.