Modern people

Modern people

We live in unique times like never before.

Generations of the times past have struggled to access technology of any kind.

Today's generations are 'born' with technology and use it all the time.

Skills and understanding get developed much earlier on.

By early teenage years a child can have near perfect photography skills.

Their ability to communicate as visual storytellers can be very advanced.

Children love photography as an example of technology use.

They are also advanced in understanding coding too.

It all helps towards their development of Design Thinking mindset.

Today's generation of children are best geared to be successful Design Thinkers.

We ought to support them to leverage technology for betterment of mankind.

It is possible and can happen by all means.

These visual storytellers don't want to tell stories of destruction and war.

They want to witness the world of success, happiness and achievements.

And who are we to deny them their goals?