Here's something you don't often hear in the design circles.

How successful is a product as result of a certain level of Design Thinking applied to it.

Many designers talk about the process they took to create something.

'It works for us very well' they might say.

Sure, the process works for designers, but does it output a great result for the users?

Well, how about results for the users be the ultimate proof of a working design?

Too many designers measure their process but don't measure user satisfaction.

They measure the internal satisfaction, but not users' satisfaction.

So, it doesn't matter so much how you got to the results.

What matters is that you have achieved great results for your users.

But we know that Design Thinking enables achievement of consistent results.

It often can feel like getting lost in a jungle of ideas.

Eventually, we make our way out of that jungle and create amazing things.

ROLI BLOCKS is an example of such amazing things.

Here at UX Coach, we are beyond proud to have worked on UX Design for this music making ecosystem.

It's now sold in Apple Stores worldwide.

It is always featured in the coolest of music publications.

Musicians love the product.

It's a true form of musical innovation at its best.

The results speak for themselves.

So judge your design by the results.

Don't judge it by the process you take to create things.

But the process that will give you best creations is the Design Thinking process.

It's a mindset as well as a process, so keep building the mindset!